Akash Adhikari

The Talk

Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Making A.I non-evil again!

Machine Learning (and Deep learning in particular) is solving complex computer vision, speech recognition and other “hard-to-explicitly-program” problems with an incredible and undenying accuracy. In the meantime, lots of speculations are looming around the usage and regulation of AI, as people are calling it a ‘threat’ to humanity.

The talk basically aims to cover four things:

  • Demystifying the state-of-the-art AI algorithms (such as Neural nets).
  • The battle between “evil” AI and “good” AI (i.e Media vs Maths).
  • The present and the future of Machine Learning and Deep Learning research/applications.
  • The “ML Learning Roadmap” for enthusiasts.
Akash Adhikari

Akash has been developing web applications and providing hands-on Python trainings to numerous young programming enthusiasts. He is currently undertaking a research based project for Kathmandu Valley’s Air Pollution analysis using deep learning methods. In the web, he likes to work with Python and Django in particular. He is a Computer Engineer from Nepal and a young researcher in the field of deep learning who has been trying to explore the infinite depths of AI. He is not an expert but a constantly hungry learner and he hopes to be so for the rest of his life.