Aneeta Sharma

The Talk

Being a full-stack software engineer

Being involved in tech industry for more than eight years now, I’ve worn different hats while working as a software engineer. In 2018, being a full-stack engineer does not just mean coding. There are different aspects to being a full-stack engineer other than having frontend and backend knowledge.

In this talk, I will talk about what my experiences have been while working throughout my career and what skills we need to have to become a full-stack engineer from my perspective.

Aneeta Sharma

Aneeta Sharma is a software engineer from Kathmandu, Nepal who has been in the tech industry for more than eight years. She started her career as a Web Designer, before becoming a PHP Developer and then a Ruby on Rails engineer. She has been working on both frontend and backend aspects of web application development since she started her career and has been developing web applications professionally since 2009. She likes to explore new technologies and has learned to work with lots of them over the years. Most recently, she has been working with full-stack solutions with Ruby on Rails, along with frontend frameworks such as Vue.js and React.js. Apart from coding, she enjoys reading books and her favourite time is when she enjoys her own company with a book and a cup of coffee!