Arun Michael Dsouza

The Talk

Houdini, What lies Ahead

The future of the web lies in the extension of the very technologies that its made of. Giving developers the ability to extend these technologies opens up a plethora of opportunities that can facilitate the streamlined growth and stability of the web. And that has already been showcased by the JavaScript community, by making it possible for developers to truly extend the language itself. But it’s not quite possible when it comes to extending the render engine or CSS in general. That’s where Houdini comes in!

This talk aims at covering the CSS Houdini spec and its amalgamation with JavaScript, which helps in extending the browser’s render engine.

Houdini is a W3C effort to define lower-level APIs for developers to understand, recreate, and extend high-level CSS authoring features. This talk will focus on current ideas (being discussed by the Houdini working group), finalized specifications, future plans for the development of Houdini and how it will change the way we use JavaScript APIs to create rich user experiences.

Arun Michael Dsouza

Arun is a Technology Enthusiast and Speaker from New Delhi, India currently working with AdPushup Inc. on various Ad-Tech focused Technologies and Products. He wrote his first large-scale ERP Application while he was still in High School. Since then he has been an avid Technologist, specializing in the Web. He is an Open Source Software Author and Contributor and has released several utilities and libraries for React, Angular, Node, Sass/CSS etc. Apart from dabbling with Technology he enjoys playing Video Games, listening to Rock Music and Travelling.