Chathu Vishwajith

The Talk

Properly Securing NodeJS APIs

The way we write APIs is changing. SPA frameworks like Angular are shifting the paradigm of API consumption and to be effective developers we have to keep up. We often dedicate a lot of time in crafting powerful APIs that interact with many different clients, but overlook proper security measures that can come back to haunt us.

In this talk, we'll look at the proper way to secure our API's with JSON Web Tokens. We'll go from learning what JSON Web Tokens are, why they're the driving force in API security, and to put theory into practice actually build a real-world implementation using Node.js where we'll show common best practices.

Chathu Vishwajith

I'm a Co-Founder of a Startup where few of its products are powered by Full-stack JS. I'm an Auth0 Ambassador, Co-Organizer of Colombo JS Meetup and Organizer of Sri Lanka Unity Developers User Group. I have started working with NodeJS since 2012 and I love it. I Co-founded Colombo JS Meetup in 2013 and keep educating and having discussions about JS for almost four years now. Currently working on Full-stack POS app which has NodeJS backend to serve API and React Dashboard, Electron Desktop app with React Native Mobile app.