Artur Neumann : Web Weekend Kathmandu 2019


Artur Neumann

The Talk

How to change your manual testing time into chiya drinking time

Lets be honest we rather hack code than test it. So what if you could hack tests? Wouldn’t that be more fun than doing manual tests. Manual testing can be often replaced by automated testing, what makes is cheaper, more reliable and MORE FUN. And when you have a reasonable set of tests how easy would be refactoring. You don’t need to be scared of introducing bugs, the tests will protect you. You finally could: “move fast, break things”, because every-time you break something the tests will catch it. And have you ever thought: oh man I have to push this hotfix to production but I don’t know what side effects it might have, and its allredy 3am in the morning, I should test, but I’m so tiered. So let the computer do the hard work, you do what you are good at: drink chiya and hack code. With automated tests you finally can be much more agile, its kind of super powers!

Artur Neumann

Programming Freelancer since 2005. Living in the beautiful mountains of Nepal. Founder of JankariTech Pvtl Ltd. Cycling and motorbiking around Nepal when away from the computer.