Korotaev Alexander : Web Weekend Kathmandu 2019


Korotaev Alexander

The Talk

WebGL and 2D: simple as Web

At first quick WebGL retrospective for a 9 years. Unsuccessful attempts to curb complexity of API to get faster result. 1. Pre-rendering: 2D Canvas context used as texture for WebGL renderer. How it works from scratch and gradual immersion in the use of textures as layers. 2. Shaders as a post processing for textures layers. Learn GLSL to make effects for canvas-based textures, make your game fancy using it. Example scroll shooter game. 3. React + WebGL: finding a simplest way to draw 2D scenes using JSX. Why Pixi.js is better for creative games coding. Example platformer game using react-pixi. Finally: my thoughts about finding a better way to reduce WebGL complexity for 2D.

Korotaev Alexander

Front-end developer with 6 years of experience. One of organizers of local front-end community, podcaster and gamedev fanatic