Pratik Karki : Web Weekend Kathmandu 2019


Pratik Karki

The Talk

Git can do THAT!

Building software is hard. Programming is complex. Thankfully, there are tools which really stand out and make programming fun by taking care of the complexities. Git is the one true VCS, forged from the furnace of Linux kernel community by awesome engineers. But, we do not use the true powers of Git, we do not move past the Shire. Once we’re “Far over the Misty Mountains cold …”, we can truly appreciate how good it is. We’ll begin to stroll the Middle-earth, we’ll face Goblins, we’ll walk past Mordor but, we do not fear anything, because we’ll have “Gandalf the White” with us throughout the journey.

In this talk, Yours Truly will talk about Git internals and explain some behaviors and why it came to be that.

Pratik Karki

I'm Pratik Karki. I'm a programmer, a lifelong learner, Git contributor, GSoC'18 student, open-source contributor, and maintainer. I love to pop the hood of software and look inside, move a few things and close the hood,(80% of the time, I mess something up.) I'm a polyglot programmer(IOW: Jack of all trades). I love to talk about concurrency, optimizations, language design and algorithms. I work as a Software Engineer at Leapfrog Technology. When I'm not programming, I read a lot, to be a better programmer and my favorite super-hero is Ken Thompson.