Raju Dawadi : Web Weekend Kathmandu 2019


Raju Dawadi

The Talk

DevOps from Myth to Transformation

The talk will include mainly following points

  • How we achieved DevOps transformation in our company ““Pagevamp”” in a year bridging gap between development, operations & business keeping in mind - DevOps is beyond tools and of course - learning from failure
  • What it takes to foster for proactive engineering of product with resiliency & speed by adopting DevOps culture but not only by CI/CD practices & automation
  • How metrics - a key indicator of achievements plays key role in adding productivity and build a blame-less culture by collaboration and formation of cross-cultural team
  • Nothing is 100% reliable. Application of SRE(Site Reliability Engineering) practices with DevOps can build ultra resilient product keeping Disaster and security in concern.
  • And the path of building & leading DevOps community in Kathmandu with offline and online meetings, learning & sharing sessions and bridging the gap between local & global tech communities.
Raju Dawadi

I have been on DevOps world since 3 years with involvement on both service & product based companies related to web development to FinTech implementing DevOps practices. Also, building DevOps community here in Kathmandu with meetups & sharing sessions along with connecting with global tech communities has been keeping me busy.